Our Big Idea


Our Big Idea Workshop

1. Our workshop went really well other than a few mistakes and I need to plan the talk so I will know what to say.

2. We used our time really well but we needed lots more info on our topic.

3. Our topic was very hard but we tried really hard to finished


Tyler and Tom big idea was good but maybe next time they can have something else with it.

Two book reviews

The book name Mozzie and Midgie

characters are Mozzie and Midgie and mum and dad And more people in the book but this was the main characters.

Theme/setting. The setting is at the beach and at home. Maybe next time he can not make the book so repetertive.  I think this book is good for 3-6 year olds.

story. About to not feel bad about your self and don’t change your self.

Book Reviews

My book is called Black lagoon. The book is about two kids and the Dad trying to find a ship that sunk.

The characters are in this book is Billy, Dr D witch is the Dad, and sister And much more people I haven’t read yet.

Theme/setting. The story setting is in a boat and at home or at school. The theme about the book is them finding treasure.

The Story is about a  a  farther and two kids  finding his crew and treasure.

I like this book because its a detail and very good.